Do you integrate with my shopping cart?

We work with a number of shopping carts that are currently available in the marketplace. Please contact our Support Team to verify that your shopping cart can be integrated.

What is a virtual terminal?

A virtual terminal is a payment terminal option that allows you to the ability to accept credit and debit card payment transactions by phone. It can be activated on any PC with internet capability. In order to use this facility … Continued

What are Chargebacks and Why do they occur?

Chargebacks occur when a transaction is returned to the acquirer by the card issuer and where the acquirer may apply a debit to the merchant’s bank account. The cardholder can dispute transactions for several reasons and the card issuer will … Continued

What is Authipay?

Authipay is payment gateway and merchant services provided by AIB Merchant Services.

What is a TID?

TID stands for terminal ID. TIDs are used to obtain authorisation codes from AIB Merchant Services. Each TID on your account allows you to have one open connection to AIB Merchant Services at any given time. This means that if … Continued