How to Contact Support

Our Merchant Support and Authipay Support Teams are available: AIB Merchant Services: 1850 200 417 or + 44 1268 567121 (from outside Ireland) First Trust Merchant Services: 0871 200 1437 or + 44 1268 567122 (from outside Ireland) AIB (GB) Merchant Services: 0871 … Continued

What is the AuthiPay reference number?

The Authipay order number, which uniquely identifies all transactions within our system. It is unique to your store and assigned by you, if not entered Authipay will assign a unique identifier for you.

How do I know my account has been set up?

When your account has been approved you will receive a letter welcoming you as a customer of AIB Merchant Services. You will then receive an email from Authipay providing you with your MID and logon details to our reporting tool.

What does a Merchant account provide?

Our merchant account will provide you with the following: • Ability to take debit & credit card payments • The means to authorise card transactions • Ability to capture, authorise and process card payment transactions • Settlement of funds back … Continued